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API 5CT N80 Tubing

API 5CT N80 Tubing serves to transport both crude oil and natural gas from oil and gas layer to the surface pipeline after drilling is completed.

API 5CT N80 tubing contains N80-1 and N80-Q types. Those two materials are absolutely consistent regarding the chemical composition and mechanical attributes, they are just various in the heat treatment. During heat treatment, N80-1 steel is treated by normalizing and tempering, while N80-Q steel is treated by quenching and tempering. Therefore, the collapsing strength and internal pressure strength of N80-Q are higher than that of N80-1. N80-1 or N80-Q should be clearly shown by the designer when API 5CT N80 tubing is selected.

API 5CT N80 tubing for oil well drilling tube is made of 36Mn2V non-quenched and tempered steel. It shows extremely high strength, ductility and toughness, as well as high purity of steel material, especially when used in the harsh environments. With superior quality, the internal tube billet possesses the macrostructure level of no more than 2.5, both coarse and fine series nonmetallic inclusion grade of no more than 2.5, and the total inclusion grade of no more than 16.

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