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Appearance of non API standard tubing

With the technological progress of petroleum industry, the exploration and development technology is becoming more and more advanced. With the development of complex horizontal wells and the popularization and application of advanced drilling technology, such as deep-sea oil and gas development, higher performance technical requirements are put forward for tubings, for example, high-end special threads, corrosion resistant materials, special strength requirements and so on.

API tubing is difficult to meet the special technical requirements of oilfield development. Especially in the old oilfields with complex geological conditions and long development time, there is a widespread phenomenon of premature failure of oil well pipes, which causes serious economic losses. API tubings can no longer meet the application requirements. For non-API tubings, such as high compression resistance, high corrosion resistance, high performance gas seal threads, etc., the demand will gradually increase.

For different corrosive environments in oilfields, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and high salinity media, depending on different temperature, pressure, PH environment, ion concentration, content and composition of corrosive media, it is necessary to optimize material selection and determine scientific and reasonable corrosion resistant materials.

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