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Application prospect of coiled tubing

Coiled tubing workover technology has represented the development direction of the current world workover technology, and will be widely used as a common and efficient operation technology in the world.

The overseas coiled tubing drilling technology has been deepened in the old wells on the sea and on the land. It has accumulated certain production experience in drilling horizontal wells, small wells or exploration wells, and is one of the main research directions of many companies in various countries.

At present, coiled tubing has been able to carry out more than 10 kinds of operations in horizontal wells. With the increasing expansion of horizontal well market, the scope of coiled tubing horizontal well operation will be further expanded.

Many computer applications have been developed abroad to simulate, predict and analyze the working conditions of coiled tubing. With the expansion of its application scope and the systematization of its operation process, companies will still devote themselves to this research.

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