Composition of coiled tubing drilling system

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Composition of coiled tubing drilling system

Many coiled tubing drilling operations can use the conventional coiled tubing equipment used in workover operations. However, with the increase of CTD practice and the complexity of CTD operation, it gradually tends to manufacture CTD special equipment, and also develops special hybrid equipment, which can lift and lower coiled tubing or conventional coiled tubing. Such equipment also allows CTU to do more drilling related work, such as lifting and running completion string.

The type, location and complexity of drilling operations will determine which surface equipment needs to be equipped. The main equipment required to complete most CTD operations are as follows:

Basic CT equipment: drum, CT, CT injector, power system, hydraulic system, control system, crane and support, etc.

The basic CT equipment used by most CT drilling operators is similar to the workover service. In some cases, individual equipment may need to be improved or replaced in order to adapt to special use. The trend of using larger diameter coiled tubing in CT drilling results in the size of drilling equipment is very different from that of workover equipment.

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