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Development of coiled tubing drilling technology

Coiled tubing originated during World War II and has been used in the oil industry since the 1960s. In 1962, the first coiled tubing operation equipment in the world. In the mid-1970s, there were more than 200 sets, and in 1993, there were about 561 sets. In February 2001, there were about 850 sets. In January 2004, there were about 1050 sets, mainly distributed in North America, South America and Europe. At present, the CT service team in the international market has more than 450 CT equipment.

China has introduced about 16 sets of coiled tubing operation equipment, which are mainly used for workover operations, but not for drilling.

Coiled tubing initially gained a foothold in the market as a cost-effective wellbore cleaning tool. The economic income of traditional workover and completion operations accounts for more than three quarters of the total income of coiled tubing operations. The application of coiled tubing equipment in oil and gas fields continues to expand, and coiled tubing drilling technology and coiled tubing fracturing technology have become the two fastest-growing technologies in recent years.

In recent years, there are 900-1000 CT wells drilled every year, including about 120 directional wells sidetracked by old wells and about 800 shallow vertical wells newly drilled.

Coiled tubing drilling technology has become an important technology for deep drilling, old well sidetracking and shallow well drilling in various oil and gas reservoirs. It has won a position in the drilling market, especially in the under balanced horizontal drilling market.

The rapid development of coiled tubing drilling technology is attributed to the following factors:

The coiled tubing industry has developed to a mature stage that can provide necessary equipment and basic technology.

Coiled tubing drilling technology is competitive in the market, sometimes even in the upper hand.

In directional drilling and underbalanced drilling in the technical advantages.

The oil and gas industry has a better understanding of the ability and limitations of coiled tubing drilling, and can choose a more reasonable drilling object, which ultimately leads to a higher success rate of coiled tubing drilling.

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