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Different types of steel tubing

Steel tubing pipe can be used for a variety of applications including machinery manufacturing,oil and gas processing,structural applications. The three main types of steel tubing that are available include carbon steel tubingalloy steel tubing, and stainless steel tubing. Each of these types of steel tubing offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Carbon Steel Tubing
Carbon steel tubing is an affordable option for a variety of pipe and tubing applications.This tubing can be used for machinery parts as well as a number of other applications.Advantages of using carbon steel tubing are easy machinability , large variety of OD and wall thicknesses,and lower costs than alloy and stainless tubing.

Alloy Steel Tubing
Alloy Steel tubing is similar to carbon steel,but with alloying elements added in.Alloy steel tubing overcomes many of the drawbacks found in carbon steel tubing. Alloy steel tubing is preferable in many applications, especially in harsh operating environments.

Stainless Steel Tubing
Stainless steel tubing is available in many different diameters and it can be used in a variety of situations that require high corrosive resistance. This steel tubing is long lasting and can stand up to corrosive elements.

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