General principles for selection of tubing and casing

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General principles for selection of tubing and casing

The selection of casing and tubing should aim at meeting the requirements of the working conditions, and make careful analysis of well conditions.

In general, when the well condition is severe, only by selecting high quality casings and tubing with special performance can the safe production of oil and gas fields be guaranteed.

When selecting casing and tubing, seamless steel tube, ERW steel pipe and glass steel pipe can be selected. While the specifications and performances meet the requirements of well conditions, the requirements of corresponding inspection quality levels and relevant standards should also be met.

Choose the right manufacturer and select the product that meets the requirements.

All finished threads should be equipped with external thread and internal thread protector. The material performance and usage of screw protector should comply with the regulations of API spec 5CT.

Special threads should be divided into gas-tight special threads, clamp on thread protector, special threads for small clearance fixation, special threads with high bearing capacity, etc. to meet the needs of different well conditions.

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