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Do you know about Coiled tubing

The Coiled tubing is not a new thing. It originated from the allied ‘PLUTO’ during the Second World War in 1940s.

The coiled tubing is made of low carbon alloy steel. It has good flexibility and it’s also called flexible tubing. A coil of coiled tubing is several thousand meters long.

Coiled tubing can replace conventional tubing for many operations. It has the following features: pressure operation, continuous lifting, small equipment, fast operation cycle and low cost.

Nowdays, coiled tubing has been widely used in many fields, such as drilling, well completion, oil testing, oil recovery, well repairing and gathering and transportation. It plays a more and more important role in the exploration and development of oil and gas fields.

At present, most of the major manufacturers of coil tubing and coil tubing operating machine in the world are concentrated in the USA. Coiled tubing manufacturers include Precision Tube Technology、 Southwesten Pipe Inc and Quality Tubing Inc. Coiled tubing operating machine manufacturers include Hydra Rig、Otis and so on.

In China, the BSG has been producing coiled tubing, and its coiled tubing has been used in many oil fields.

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