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Main technical standards of tubing

The main technical standards of tubing are API SPEC 5CT, API SPEC 5B, API RP 5C1, API BUL 5C2, API TR 5C3, API RP 5C5, API RP 5A3.

API SPEC 5CT specifies the technical requirements for tubing, casing and accessories, and it is the standard for tubing production control and delivery inspection.

API SPEC 5B specifies API thread parameters and inspection methods to ensure the interchangeability of tubing and casing for user convenience.

API RP 5A3 specifies the requirements and testing methods for thread grease.

API RP 5C1 stipulates the operation procedures and matters needing attention when the tubing and casing are maintained and used on the spot.

API BUL 5C2 gives the minimum service performance of the tubing and casing calculated by the API TR 5C3 formula.

API TR 5C3 gives the performance calculation formulas of tubing and casing and the performance calculation results of API tubing and casing.

API RP 5C5 specifies the design test evaluation method for tubing and casing joints, and inspects whether tubing and casing can achieve the required minimum performance in combination with API RP 5A3 requirements.

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