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OCTG – Production Tubing for Oil Wells

Once the casing is run and held in place with cement, production tubing is run into the oil well.Joints of tubing are connected together with couplings to make up a tubing string. Running tubing into an oil well is much the same as for running in casing, but tubing is smaller in diameter and is removable.

Tubing for oil Well

The production string provides a continuous bore from the reservoir to the wellhead and together with the other components of the production string, produces oil and gas at the surface.As opposed to casing, production tubing is designed to enable quick, efficient, and safe installation, removal and re-installation.

Oil and gas is also produced more effectively through tubing than through larger-diameter production casing.We are able to supply all API specification tubing as well as non-API specifications for special situations, including those with semi-premium and premium connections.

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