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Tubing offers several advantages over pipe

Tubing offers several advantages over pipeTubing provides one solution to tougher regulations and increasing stresses on fluid systems. Tubing and pipe both carry fluids in industrial applications, but tubing offers several advantages over pipe. Compared with pipe, tubing is generally easier to install and maintain, costs less, and performs better.

First of all, tube fittings are designed not to leak, even under rugged operating conditions because they have mechanical, metal-to-metal seals. Tightening fitting nuts cold-swages ferrules onto the steel tubing pipe . On the other hand, threaded-pipe connections typically require heavy equipment to cut threads and pipe dope . In addition, the greater flexibility of API tubing often means systems with fewer connections. This equates to fewer potential leak points and lower costs.

Tubing pipe is readily available in diameters up to 2 in. with a variety of wall thicknesses and materials to meet the toughest application demands. It’s important to note that tubing and pipe are sized differently. Another advantage of tubing is that it can generally be installed faster than pipe. Tubing is cut to length and deburred, and then fittings are simply tightened onto a nut. Some tube-fitting connections can be gauged to ensure correct installation before starting up the system.

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