The Usage for API 5CT Tubing Pipe

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The Usage for API 5CT Tubing Pipe

OCTG  Tubing is the conduit used to transport crude oil or natural gas from the producing formations to the field surface facilities for processing after drilling is completed.

API 5CT Tubing pipes

During the extraction process, the OCTG tubing must withstand the pressure and it must be adequately strong to resist loads and deformations associated with production and workovers. In addition, tubing generally is sized to satisfy the expected rates of production of oil and gas.
That is because if tubing is too large, we will have an economic impact beyond the cost of tubing oil and gas itself, however, if API tubing is too small, it will restrict the production of oil or gas, and if things continue this way it will impact subsequent economic performance of the well.

Generally, tubing is manufactured in the same way as casing, except an additional process known as “upsetting” which is applied to thicken the pipes.Steel tubing can be used for a variety of applications including machinery manufacturing,automotive parts,furniture manufacturing,oil and gas processing,structural applications,and aircraft   parts. The three main types of steel tubing that are available include carbon steel tubing, alloy steel tubing, and stainless steel tubing. Each of these types of steel tubing offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

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